The Brand Charca®

With origin in S. J. Madeira, well known for its historical know-how on footwear manufacturing, Charca® is a young and feminine new brand, focused on providing solutions that fulfill the demands of who wears it. At a fair price.

We believe that past and present define us, and those are the influences that determine our collections. A cared design, made real by the hands of experienced craftsmen and the use of the latest technological innovations.

We live with passion. It´s that passion that we inscribe in all our products. In every little detail and choice. We want you to fall in love with Charca® as hard as we did.



Charca´s creative process has the ultimate goal of creating desire and identification. Charca´s identity is designed by us mas defined by you.



Our dedication to the search of newer and better materials is neverending, so we can achieve constant improvements in quality and customer satisfaction.



Because we don´t compromise confort, all our models are tested extensively to guarantee that you feel like you are walking on clouds.

Fall Winter 2020/21




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The Charca team works for you. Therefore we are always happy to hear your comments and questions. Use this form to reach us.

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  • Rua António J Bastos 8-A,
  • Milheirós de Poiares
  • 3700-738 Milheirós de Poiares
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  • Tel- 256 841 427